Full-Length play, workshopped and presented for a staged reading at Arena Stage, August 2016.  
Second workshop, Arena Stage,  October 2016.

A Shelter-in-Place alarm at a university takes a turn for the worse when a professor welcomes a fearful outsider into the classroom.  An examination of the growing atmosphere of fear and xenophobia in America after September 11th (and up through our current day).

Legacy Street

Full-Length play, MFA Thesis, performed at Catholic University

Following the takedown of a local drug lord, the inhabitants of Legacy Street struggle to hold on to what little they have left. A play about the human desperation for permanence and the unsung stories of our cities.

Welcome to Smithsville

Full-Length play

The town of Smithsville is perfect...too perfect.  The arrival of a journalist digging for secrets reveals a dark and disturbing cover-up.

World Without Eyes

Full-Length play

Walter is an aging Literature professor concealing his struggle with dementia.  As he's forced to confront his estranged granddaughter's pending marriage, his reality becomes interwoven with scenes from Hamlet.


Ten Minute play, selected for online publication by The Furious Gazelle literary journal. 
*also being reworked into a full-length play

The death penalty is repealed in New Mexico but does not apply retroactively, leaving four female inmates awaiting their fate on Death Row.

At the End of the Line | Tunnel Vision

One-Act play, Winner of the 2014 Women Works National Playwriting Competition

Gloria's life is forever changed by a chance encounter on the subway with a stranger...or is she really a stranger after all?

Us Righteous

Full-Length play, performed at Catholic University

Zealous Augie takes it upon herself to preach morality on her christian college campus, but her world turns upside down when she confronts Sarah, a girl whose reputation as a "slut" makes Augie fear for the future.

Miller Lite Monologues

One-Act Solo Show, written for and in cooperation with actress Kimberlee Wolfson
Performed at Catholic University

Every family has its secrets.  Some just have more than others. Composed in conjunction with Kimberlee Wolfson and inspired by her father, Riley, Kim explores the relationship she had with her father, and how everything changed after his death.